We provide training courses that cover the key areas which Jeena specialises in.

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What do they entail?

We offer two one-day training courses. The Cultural Driven Practices and Safeguarding course is geared towards organisations that need a better understanding of what this is and how their staff can recognise people at risk. We also offer a one-day training session in Cultural Competency which is aimed at individuals who want to improve their inter-personal skills.


Cultural Driven Practice is female genital mutilation (FGM), honour based violence (HBV), forced marriage (FM), radicalisation, grooming and the social, cultural and religious context in which it is practised. This course will help you understand the legal and child protection implications, the role you can play in stamping these practices out, and the role that political correction can play in perpetuating this abuse.  


The Cultural Competency training course encourages attendees to think beyond cultural and ethnic stereotypes and to confront some of the issues caused by political correctness. The course will enable attendees to understand the risks that girls from BME backgrounds face, recognise the potential when cultural differences are embraced, and engage positively with others to encourage innovative thinking.

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Having an understanding of the implications on the community of Cultural Driven Practices is essential to safeguarding the wellbeing of those most vulnerable individuals. This is why we can tailor this course to meet your specific requirements that best suit the needs of your organisation. To find out more about both this, and the Cultural Competency Training course, please contact us.

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