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Suffering in silence? Afraid you have no one to turn to? We're here to help. You are not alone.

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We are with you

Through our expertise we want to transform the lives of each sufferer; through counselling, training and by investing in mentoring programs, workshops and lectures we hope to break the cycle of violence and make victims the hero of their own lives.

We focus on issues which range from the more unknown practices such as gender selective abortion, FGM, radicalisation, witchcraft, revenge porn to domestic violence, sexual abuse, human trafficking and forced marriage.

Am I a victim of abuse?

Whilst some consider it to be an acceptable part of life, some victims are oblivious to the type of abuse they may be suffering. Many are afraid because of family, children, community, honour, gender, lack of rights or access to support services, economic dependency and an overall belief that there isn’t anyone out there who will understand, respond or help properly. Could you be a victim or know someone who might be? Learn more and learn to protect yourself.

1. Domestic Violence

Once he took my baby away and locked me up for two days without food, water or the toilet

Cultures and faiths can be used to justify a man’s control over a woman for a range of reasons. From stepping out of the house without permission, neglecting children or domestic work, arguing, refusing sex to more physically violent or psychologically damaging behaviour such as cigarette burns, acid attacks, death threats to being locked in a room. Could this be you?

2. Gender Inequality

The process is humiliating. He can do whatever he wants, divorce is easy [for men]

In certain cultures women are seen to be weak, expensive and expected to be submissive to any decisions made for them from education, food, clothes to marriage. These women tend to have no economic security or entitlement to inheritance or property, as its believed that only males can inherit lineage. They are also seen as outsiders because their only “real” home is their husband’s home. Could this be you?

3. Forced Marriage

I had to get married because I didn’t have a choice he was my cousin and families were involved.

Sometimes parents regard their family honour (izzat) more important than their child’s happiness or consent; refusal to obey can result in honour based violence, blackmail, manipulation, isolation and even death. Could this be you?

4. FGM

I thought it was my special day, the happiest day of my life little did I know it would be a day I would never forget

FGM is a criminal, unreligious and painful act involving female circumcision preventing women from losing their virginity before securing a good marriage, being impure or cursed; its used to prevent women from experiencing sexual pleasure and is a big cause for life threatening diseases in women. Could this be you?

5. Safeguarding

I deserve what I get

It’s everybody’s responsibility to take care of the most vulnerable in society, and by turning a blind eye can result in child sexual abuse, neglect, physiological and emotional abuse. Could this be you?

6. Sexuality

To come out would mean I would be disowned by my family and rejected by society

It is an unacceptable taboo and a cause for dishonor to be homosexual, trans or bisexual in some cultures. Victims who suffer from rejection and isolation are usually disowned, forced into a marriage not of their choosing or sent to a priest to be “healed”. Could this be you?

7. Witchcraft & Juju

I believe that my mother-in-law has done black magic on me and my husband

It’s a phenomenon not seen, heard or understood completely but has a significant impact on many communities. Its seen as a form of control, a force of evil and is used to threaten or manipulate vulnerable people or situations. Could you be a victim?

8. Human Trafficking

I was promised that I would be given my own room; I was made to sleep on the floor and sexually appease men

Human Trafficking involves taking away someone’s rights or violating their political rights. Its seen as different forms of modern day slavery to sexual exploitation, manipulation, isolation, forced labour, commercial sexual exploitation and debt bondage. Could you be at risk?

9. Revenge Porn/ Sexting

I didn’t know a photo or screenshot was being taken of me without my consent

Revenge porn involves manipulating images or text of an unknowing victim. It is an illegal and criminal act not restricted to religion, country, age or gender and is used to abuse and in may cases destroy lives.

10. Radicalisation

I was a little concerned about a young person who not only changed her appearance but also her outlook on life.

This is a form of grooming which uses a warped view of religion to manipulate the most vulnerable in society into challenging British shared values. Changes in behaviour, attitude, dress code and opinions may be indicative of someone who’s in the process of being radicalised. Could this be someone close to you or someone you know?

11. Grooming

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Do you know who you or your family are actually talking to when you’re online? Grooming is a very subtle and insidious way of convincing someone to believe that they are talking to someone their own age online, when in fact they will be exchanging messages and often pictures with a sexual predator. Do you know of any young girls who may be the victims of grooming?

You can transform your life

Things transform much faster when we direct our energies towards changing them…So don’t suffer in silence. Now is the time to come forward and transform your life, because we are here to assist you. If you feel any of these topics or issues are relevant to you or you may know someone who might be in such a situation, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Jeena. We are constantly striving for definitive change and ultimately hope to educate and empower victims.

Kay’s Story

We are only a phone call away for people who are suffering from domestic abuse and are looking for a way out. Read what happened to Kiran after she called us.

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What can Jeena do to help you?

Frequently asked questions

I am a victim of domestic violence. Where can I turn for help?

We are here to help people who are victims of domestic violence. All our staff are trained in how to offer advice and help to people just like you who are suffering because of the violent actions of a partner, husband, wife or family relative. You are not alone. We are only a phone call away, so please – pick up the phone and talk to us in confidence and we will be able to start the process of getting you to safety. Just call 07958 603541

I know someone who is suffering from domestic violence, but am not sure how to help them. What should I do?

If you believe your friend or relation is in immediate danger, then in the first instance you should call the police. If however you want some advice on how to broach the subject with them, please give us a call. All our staff are trained on how best to advise you when it comes to raising the issue of domestic violence with a friend whom you believe may be at risk. Your call will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. Just call 07958 603541

I just want to know where I can find out some more information about domestic violence. Can Jeena help?

Yes we can. We have information packs available for anyone who is seeking more information on domestic violence. If you email us at we can send one of these packs to you.

I’m worried that my children are being influenced by extremist views, but don’t know what to do. Can you provide any help?

We are asked this question more and more, which is why our staff are trained on how to give the best advice to parents like yourself who fear for the well-being of your sons and daughters. We treat all enquiries in the strictest confidence, so give us a call or drop us an email, so we can discuss your concerns with you and offer the best course of action for you.

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