Jeena Community Forums

Helping to protect the vulnerable within your community

Jeena Community Forums focus on providing you information and insight into key areas of concern affecting your community. Looking from a victim/perpetrator/bystander viewpoint, the forums will raise awareness of issues such as domestic violence, forced marriages, female genital mutilation, radicalisation, human trafficking and more. We will discuss why these issues occur and why people find it hard to leave these situations.

The forums will provide you with a platform to have an open dialogue with members of local community bodies including the police, council, health authority, education and survivors. You will be able to voice your concerns of what you feel are acceptable or unacceptable social norms within your area. Participants who attend the forum will be given the opportunity to become a qualified Jeena Advocate.

Jeena Advocates are imperative members of the community; they are the eyes and ears of society. As an advocate you will be given training, tools and knowledge to understand and identify indicators for areas of concern affecting your community, how to help, prevent and safeguard victims, and aid social cohesion.

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