Slough Fronts Up FGM

28 May 2016 from 09.30 to 13.00


Posted 30 Jan 2017

FGM is an extreme form of violence against girls and women, we all need to take an active involvement in preventing it.

*137,000 women and girls are affected by FGM

**FGM is most commonly carried out when a girl is 5-8 years old

Hear from leading industry professionals on what FGM is, the long-term health implications it has and the latest statistics from a recent report conducted by MWNUK.

Speakers will include:

Shahin Ashraf MBE, National Lead on FGM, Muslim Women’s Network UK
Rani Bilkhu, Founder of Jeena
Phoebe Abe, GP and Founder FAW
Cllr Madhuri Bedi
Farah, Survivor of FGM

You will be given the opportunity to engage in an open panel discussion with the speakers and talk to a survivor of FGM followed by a networking lunch. Join us on Saturday 28 May to understand what FGM is, the implications of FGM to the victim, the family and society. Help create a preventative community and long term change against FGM.

*City University London and Equality Now, July 2014, estimate. **NSPCC

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