Kiran, 24

Survivor of domestic abuse

A story of survival

From a tough personal life to an equally challenging married life, Kiran married a man 30 years her senior and was brought to the UK from India. Her husband began to beat and bully her just days into the marriage. After she gave birth to a son two years later, she thought things might settle down, but the abuse only got worse. Read on to learn how Jeena intervened and helped protect Kiran…

He would constantly have nights of heavy drinking. Once I was woken in the middle of the night by my husband holding a knife directly to my chest screaming.


Kiran was isolated having lost her mother and father and with no one to turn to except her abusive husband and in-laws. They would abuse her saying that she was worthless and that she had no family; they would aggravate her husband and encourage his violence against her. Things finally came to a head when the violence was aimed at her son.

He was only 3 when it began. First swearing, then slapping and hitting, eventually he refused to give money for him. With me locked in the house all day, how could I get money for food?

Me and my son’s lives were in danger, if we stayed, but I knew we would be threatened with death if we left. How could I dishonour my family by leaving my husband?

No more threats

Her son’s nursery assistant referred Kiran to Jeena. Initially she struggled to speak about her experience but Jeena helped her to finally reveal the countless years of abuse she had been suffering. Jeena recognised Kiran's vulnerable condition and within 12 hours she was in an emergency bed & breakfast. But the next day a phone call home to her sister revealed threats and Kiran started to have second thoughts about leaving.

I began to question my decision, selfish to neglect my duties and a son without a father? My sister said my husband threatened to kill me as I had bought shame to the family.


But with the support of Jeena Kiran went to the police. She had to write a statement but after years of her husband refusing her outside contact she had not learnt to write in English, a Punjabi interpreter was provided. A male translator arrived. She plucked up the courage to discuss her physical and sexual abuse despite it being a truly humiliating experience for her.

Hope in sight

As Kiran adjusted to her new situation living at a B&B, her marriage having failed and her life in danger, a Domestic Abuse officer rang her, informing her that she had been given funding and support from the local authorities and was to be moved into a safe home till her husband was arrested and put into jail. Thanks to Jeena, Kiran's pain was finally put to an end and she was able to put her life back on course and live a fearless life with her son. Today she is learning English and training to be a volunteer with Jeena where she helps other women who have undergone similar trauma to her. If you would like to share your story or get more information on Jeena and its services, please get in touch today.

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